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Russian-American community center serving the Capital Region of New York State.Our goal is to introduce, celebrate and promote traditional Russian arts and culture to the community. 

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To get some time in the outdoors - Hike with us!

Hiking in Minnewaska State Park  

When: Saturday, August 10, 2024
Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Where: 5281 Route 44-55, Kerhonkson, NY 12446

Minnewaska ParkWe will explore Minnewaska State Park with our hiking leader Roman Sharikov. The park features dense hardwood forests, incising sheer cliffs and ledges opening to beautiful views, and clear streams cut into valleys.  It will be about 3 hours, some moderate hike. 

We will meet on August 10 at 10:00am at the entrance parking lot, located at 5281 Route 44-55, Kerhonkson, NY 12446. Bring water and lunch, come prepared for the weather conditions. Minors are welcome when accompanied by parents. Confirm your participation in hiking by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Graftan Forest on  Saturday, June 15 2024

grafton forest june 2024 4grafton forest june 2024 1grafton forest june 2024 3It's always a great experience to have good weather while hiking. It enhances the beauty of nature and makes the journey even more enjoyable. We were lucky with weather during hike in Grafton Forest, New York. The weather was sunny and perfect. The trail features a scenic view over the Dunham Reservoir and many other scenic viewpoints. 



Shelving Rock Mountain & Shelving Rock Falls at Lake George on  Saturday, August 12, 2023

Shelving Rock Falls

dog rescueThis hike was definitely easy with a beautiful view of Lake George. At Shelving Rock Falls, there is a swimming hole where you can cool off after a trek down the trail. Be Aware: The walk from the trail at the top of Shelving Rock Falls to the bottom where the swimming hole is can be very slippery and steep. Roman's dog was rescued from above the waterfall. 

Sleeping Beauty Mountain on Saturday, August 13, 2022Hiking in the Adirondack Mountains: Snip20220814 5

This hike was absolutely beautiful. Definitely was a good choice for beginners while also having a great view. Quick and relatively easy. Great conditions for the hike: the weather was perfect, the trail was dry, no bugs, the trail was very well marked, completely shade covered, not sun-exposed, and not windy at the top. Unfortunately, three people in our group had problems getting to Sleeping Beauty trailhead and ended up hiking to a different mountain. We couldn’t help them with no cell service (got connected only on the top of the mountain).

Sleeping Beauty has spectacular views of Lake George and the surrounding valleys. Its summit is rocky and open with a sizable cliff dropping off to the west.  The view at the top of the mountain made us realize why it is called Sleeping Beauty. The views are as beautiful as the fictional princess.  While trying to determine which peak was which, we saw something that may give some insight into the name Sleeping Beauty. On the horizon was the shape of a mountain that looked like a woman lying down, as if she were sleeping. Someone said that the mountain itself is called such because the silhouette of the ridge resembles a sleeping woman.

Its summit provides a gorgeous unobstructed view of Lake George, the surrounding forests, and other Adirondack Mountains. Looking west you can see Gore Mtn and West Mtn can be seen to the southwest. Looking towards the North you can make out some of the most southern High Peaks of other Adirondack Mountains.

There was plenty of space on the rocky summit for photos and lunch for our group of 16 hikers and to take a rather long breather before we began our descent. Some of us even had a nap acting as the sleeping beauties. 

Beautiful hike! A big thanks to our leader Roman! 

Snip20220814 6Snip20220814 7









Snip20220814 8 Snip20220814 3 pano sleeping beauty 





Hiking in the Catskill Mountains: Huckleberry Point on Saturday, July 16, 2022. The Huckleberry Point Trail is one of the easier hikes in the Catskills to a dramatic viewpoint from a rocky outcrop of Platte Clove, Devil’s Path, and the Hudson Valley. 

July 16 2022 1July 16 2022 2Snip20220815 1Snip20220815 4  







Hiking in the Catskill Mountains: The Kaaterskill Falls on Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Catskill Mountains offer some of the most beautiful and diverse hiking terrains in the Northeast, making it the perfect destination for hikers of all experience levels.
July 10 2021 2July 10 2021 1



Scenes from the trail - Hiking to Graftan Forest September 25, 2021

hikingHiking on Saturday, September 25 was pleasant! Oleg  Korobchenko led us 6 miles long trail in Grafton Forest. The trail features a couple of scenic views over the Dunham Reservoir. We had taken a group picture at the 2nd stop over the reservoir. The weather was sunny and perfect. This hike turned out to be excellent mushroom hunting.  We gazed at the miniature world at our feet and had seen many different kinds of mushrooms during our hike. We even hit the jackpot with honey mushrooms.  Our mushroom hike was wonderful.

Hiking Sep 26 2021

hiking sept 26 2021 3 hiking sep 2021 1 hiking sept 26 2021 4hiking sept 2021 6 

hiking sept 2021 5

hiking Sept 26 2021 6




























Scenes from the trail - Hiking July 10 2021


Hiking on Saturday, July 10th was awesome! Alexander Buyantued led us 7 miles long hiking
from the Kaaterskill Falls to Inspiration Point in the Catskills Mountains. The weather was sunny and perfect. From Scutt Rd parking lot we proceeded straight along the trail, our first stop being the viewing platform that overlooks Kaaterskill Falls. We had taken a group picture there. Breathtaking views of the waterfall with a ton of water flowing down due to recent rains. The trail was very swampy on this day. After a short descent, the trail reaches Layman’s Monument. The memorial was erected in 1901 to commemorate Frank Layman, who died on the site of the memorial on August 10, 1900, while fighting a forest fire. At 500 feet, after a steep climb up a large rock, it reaches a panoramic viewpoint. Kaaterskill Clove is directly below. This first viewpoint was very crowded. Since Alexander knew there were other viewpoints on this hike, we did not stay long and continued on. A
little further along, we reached another expansive viewpoint on the right. This was a much smaller rock ledge and we took a short break here. From here there are panoramic views to the west and south.  The trail begins to climb away from the slope….. and passes through a very picturesque and rocky area.  During the hike, we took so many wonderful photos. Our group of 19 people was probably too large and because of it we lost 3 people who took a wrong turn. Thanks to a smart suggestion by Sevil Breton to use iPhone’s Send My Current Location feature the group leader found the missing persons who rejoined the group.

This was a fantastic hike that is achievable by most beginners! 

July 10 2021 2

July 10 2021 4

July 10 2021 5

July 10 2021 6

July 10 2021 7

July 10 2021 8

July 10 2021 9

July 10 2021 10

July 10 2021 11

July 10 2021 12July 10 2021 13


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