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2021 Production of the Russian Drama Club -“After Yesterday” by F. Gorenstein

Russian Drama ClubRussian Drama Club starts a new project - "After Yesterday". Everyone who is interested to be part of it are welcome.  We want new actors, choreographer, musician! We need help for set design, lighting design, costume design, sound design, and prop design.  When the stage crew and actors are lead by a talented artistic director Oleg Golub, who inspires people, they are enjoying every step of the theatre making process. Call 518-382-9438.

Berdichev is a city in Central Ukraine where Nazi invaders, intent on genocide during the Second World War, eliminated the entire Jewish population.  Following the Holocaust, Gorenstein witnessed the decline and diminishment of Jewish culture and character in Soviet society.  He selected Berdichev as a symbolic Jewish town for the play, and based the characters on his own family and memories. 

The play presents 30 years in the everyday life of a Jewish family after the Holocaust (1945 to 1975), as two sisters, Rachel and Golda, guide their family through hard years of poverty and strife.  It is an unsentimental story about post-Holocaust Jews, separated from their culture, history and people, who nonetheless survive through laughter and tears.  

The intended aim of performing Berdichev is to give the audience a broader perception of themselves, immersing them in a different time and culture to instill new insights into history and human connections across time.  In addition we hope to use this opportunity to generate a collaborative community effort that might renew awareness of the Holocaust to a younger generation of Americans and help examine its impact on twenty-first century life.

Artistic Director - Oleg Golub

Oleg GolubDirector, actor, TV presenter.
Education: GITIS (Russian Academy of Theater Arts, Moscow), actor. 

Prior to directing:
Actor of the musical "Nord-Ost", stationary and touring versions. Assistant director of the tour version.
Actor of the Theater under the direction of Alexey Rybnikov.
Host of TV programs "100%" Channel One, "Guinness World Records Show" DTV, "Day Marathon" 7TV," Sunny morning" Trust," Good morning! " TDK.
Director of theatrical productions: 
opera "The Elephant" Tallinn, Estonia
the musical "Ice Heart" Moscow, Russia
Author of screenplays and director of short films for the project #ЖИТЬ.
The films for the #ЖИТЬ project were shown on Russian federal channels.
The Grand Prix of the Lime Social Advertising Festival, held by the Higher School of Economics. 
One of the films was included in the top ten best short films of the decade of the country, compiled by the Academy of Advertising, is included in the collection of the best promo videos of the First Channel.
Honorary Prize and Small Prize of the International Military Film Festival named after Ozerov.
Honorary prize "Spirit of the Peace" at the Orlando International Film Festival, USA
Chairman of the jury of the International Theater Festival in the USA (Washington) for five years. 2013-2017
Member of the jury of the theater festival "Wind Rose", Moscow.
Chairman of the jury of the theater festival "Theatrical Freemen" Rostov-on-Don, 2018.
Chairman of the jury of the theater festival "Successful holidays" Astrakhan, 2019.
Member of the jury of the HSE LIME Social Advertising Festival since 2020.
The purpose of the Russian Drama Club is to educate and foster an appreciation for the theater arts among the Russian-speaking community in the Capital Region of New York State. Preserve, enrich and celebrate the use of the Russian language as a vehicle of cultural communication and understanding.

We provide encouragement for all levels of volunteer involvement and recognize their contributions as crucial to the success of the Russian Drama Club productions. We provide a supportive environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level, ability or background. Volunteers are essential to the success of the Russian Drama Club.

The Russian Drama Studio at the New Russia Cultural Center was established in 2013 with theatrical performances for children for “Morozko” and “Microscope” for adult audiences. Yuri Naumkin became an artistic director of the Russian Drama Studio in 2014.  His artistic direction and artistic talent brought production success to two other plays.  One of them,“Tale of Tsar Saltan”, is a one-act play based on the poem by Alexander Pushkin, and performed for a children’s audience in December 2014 at the Mohawk Golf Club, Schenectady, NY. Second, was a musical/theatrical performance, “Victory Day”, devoted to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of World War II, and performed in May 2015 at Union College, Schenectady, NY. Both plays had local media coverage with photos in the Times Union, Daily Gazette, and other local newspapers.   In Fall 2015 Yuri was directing another play for children, the “New Year Tricks of Baba Yaga”. In 2016 he directed a bilingual play "Love and Doves" for general public. In 2017 "New Year MIracles" shown for children during an Annual Yolka Celebration. The 2018 production 'Morozko" had 2 premieres on January 5th and 6th 2019.  
first readingBerdichev project: 
The Russian cast does a table read

On Thursday 28 October 2021 we had the first meeting of the actors with the director Oleg Golub. It was a reading of the 1st act of the play. Oleg explained his impressive directorial plan for staging the play and proposed a new title for the play “The Family that never was/Семья которой не было”. ( We are not sure that it’s the best translation from Russian). There was the distribution of the roles. Several major roles still available for men and women. Also we need 2 boys and 2 girls (9 years old and older).  


1st rehearsalBerdichev project: Russian cast starts rehearsing
On Monday November 1st 2021 the Russian cast started rehearsing with artistic director Oleg Golub. The rehearsal time for Oleg is 5 hours straight. Actors are practising only for 1 hour for the episodes they are in.



American CastBerdichev project: American cast starts rehearsing
On Monday November 15th, two weeks later the Russian team, Americancast started rehearsing with artistic director Oleg Golub.The location was changed. One member of the Russian-speaking community (who wants to be incognito) provided for the play production recently bought a house in downtown Albany. House is empty, warm with a large bright room suitable for practicing. Thank you!

Cultural experience by watching authentic Russian plays
"Tsar Saltan" by A. Pushkin, Artistic Director Yuri Numkin. December, 2014
tsar saltan 2015 1 tsar saltan 2015 2 tsar saltan 2015 3 tsar saltan 2015 4 tsar saltan 2015 5 tsar saltan 2015 6
"Love and Doves" by V. Gurkin, Artistic Director Yuri Numkin. May 15, 2018

love doves nov 12 2016 1love doves nov 12 2016 3

2013 "Morozko" production photos

morozko1 morozko 4morozko 3morozko 6

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