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Capital Campaign 2019

Capital Campaign Goal: facility's renovation - Parking Lot Pavement!
We are counting on individuals and organizations to support the center.

Our successful Capital Campaigns 2016, 2017 and 2018 enabled the center to acquire a building in January 2017 and a grand piano in September  2017, install central air conditioner system in June 2018.  The facility includes the renovated concert hall, exhibition hall/ballroom/banquet hall, meeting room, kitchen, and three classrooms.  Throughout years of 2017 and 2018, the Center has managed about 30 educational and cultural programs each year.  Every program of the center supports the mission of the organization - to introduce, celebrate, and promote Russian art and culture to the community.  

New Challenge: Parking Lot Pavement!   

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In 2017 City of Rensselaer made a gift to the center - donated an empty lot of land near the building.  It's not paved land and can be use only in the summertime.  

We need our parking lot to be paved. Help us to meet a new challenge!


Nancy Crowe: $300
Anonymous Supporter: $25
Marina Taborovskaya : $340
Joe Meschino: $75
Greg Loan: $100
Kevin Deptola: $50
Russian Nobility Association in America: $2,000
Rhodes Memorial Fund: $1,000
Bruce & Halina McKenney: $250

Great news!  Thanks to our contributors on June 6th 2019 there is newly stoned paved off-street parking lot nearby our center, which attendees can access and use. From now on when you come to our center you can park your car at our new off-street parking lot. Parking lot is located at Tracy Street across the street from our building at 1550 Broadway Rensselaer.

 We have been continuing our Capital Campaign 2019. The parking lot pavement project will be completed with blacktop (asphalt) pavement.lot paved




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