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Vocal Division

Tchaikovsky Music Competition 2018 Vocal Vidision!

Since the 19th century the Western world has become acquainted with Russian music mainly through the symphonic and operatic works and songs of her leading composers. Although major opera companies along with star recitalists have begun to bring previously little-known masterpieces to public, there is still fabulously rich repertoire to be uncovered. Russian is a musical language, and poetry blended with music has always struck a responsive chord in people everywhere. 


The Tchaikovsky Music Competition (Vocal Division) will be held at the Center's Concert Hall on Sunday February 4th, 2018 starting at 12:30pm.  It is open to solo vocalists from age 12 to adults and divided into three categories: School, Young Adults (including college students), and Adults.

Contestants will sing one song composed by the Russian composer of their own selection, including Classical Russian Arias, Russian Art songs, and Russian Folk songs in classical arrangements. A panel of 3 professional vocal educators will judge performances. 



Congratulations to the Winners of the Vocal Division!

Kofi Hayford                      1st place Vocal Division
Marissa Scotti                   2nd place vocal Division
                                           Special Prize: Best Russian Diction for non-native Singers
Hei Lee Law                       3rd place
Siddharth Dubey               Special Prize: Best Russian Diction for non-native Singers

Award Ceremony and "All Winners Concert" will take place at the Center's Concert Hall on Sunday February 11th, 2018 at 1:30pm. The winners of all three divisions (Piano, Vocal and Violin) will perform at the “All Winners Concert”.  All music enthusiasts are welcome to come and witness the musical talent of these young Capital Region musicians. The concert will be followed by a reception.


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