About Us

Our Mission 

The New Russia Cultural Center, a non-profit organization, was formed in december 2005 exclusively for educational purpose under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The New Russia Cultural Center is striving to expand the public's understanding and appreciation of Russian folk arts, and Russian-American history and culture in the United States.  The Center stands to stimulate public interest in Russian culture through educational activities and exposure to Russian folk arts.

Goals and Objectives  

The goals and objectives of the New Russia Cultural Center include immediate and long-term benefits for the local community. The overall goals of the Center are to provide cultural services and to develop, deliver, and continually improve high quality community programs in the Capital Region of New York State.  In accomplishing this, the Center portrays and preserves the culture and arts of Russia, to promote Russian heritage and unite the Russian-speaking community in the Capital Region of New York State.   The Russian-speaking community includes people of different nationalities, such as Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Jewish, Latvian, Tatars and others. Russian language is what connected all emigrants from former Soviet Union during the last 20-25 years.  

Programs and Activities 

The New Russia Cultural Center is committed to diversity of programming and community outreach through the presentation of cultural activities.  Activities include art exhibitions, Russian language classes, theatrical, musical events and festivals.  One of the Center's signature events is the annual Russian Winter Festival.  In February 2009 was our 1st annual Festival.  The festival is a one-month long event including an art exhibition, Tchaikovsky Music Competition, Russian Poetry Recital Centest, and a Grand Finale – the last day of the festival, a whole day of activities including live performances, food, crafts, and art exhibitions. Since 2009 this celebration brings together thousands of people from well-beyond the Capital District of New York State.

Board of Directors 

Tatiana Deptola, President

Irina Shteynvurtsel, Vice-President

Vera Dominijanni, Treasurer

Marina Taborovskaya, Secretary

Joe Meschino

Lyuba Ruseva

Anastasia Soubbotina

Sevil Breton

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