Poetry Recital Contest

10th Annual Russian Poetry Reciting Contest 

конкурс чтецов 1

When: Saturday, February 1, 2020
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Where: New Russia Cultural Center
1550 Broadway Rensselaer NY 
 Admission: Free


Participation in the Poetry Recital Contest can be a very rewarding experience for local students who love poetry and learn Russian.  The Contest is dedicated to strengthening local communities through the art of Russian poetry.  The contest emphasizes the pleasure of reciting poems.  There are numerous benefits to poetry recitals.  Children have gained experience of standing and speaking in front of a group, build confidence, overcome shyness.  They develop public speaking ability. Recitation is the easiest way for children to do some public speaking.  It cultivates writing skills.  As children memorize well-written poems, they are storing in their minds templates and models of excellent writing which will serve them as they write themselves.


Alla Slutskaya, member of NRCC Russian Drama Theater
Marina Vaysberg, an artistic director of Children's Poetry Theater "Express",
Tim Sergay, Professor of Russian Language and Literature, SUNY


Native Speakers Young Children Level 
Nina Lutsevich -1st place
Ernest Dmitriev - 2nd place
Andrey Bolotnikov -3rd place

Non-Native Speakers Children Level
Holly VanValkenburgh - 1st place
Gabriel Robinson - 2nd place
Samantha VanValkenburgh - 3rd place

Native Speakers Senior Level (13 and Up)
Alik Verba - 1st place
Mikhail Militarev - 2nd place
Rita Rutina - 3rd place

Not-Native Speakers Senior Level (13 and Up)
Brad Hawkins - 1st place
Joe Meschino - 2nd place
Robert Keesee - 3rd place

The Winners of the Russian Poetry Recital Conest 2019!

Winners 2019

Native Speakers Young Level (3-6years)
Nicole Katsouba - 1st place 
Marina Timofeeva - 1st place
Vera Korableva - 2nd place
Andrey Bolotnikov -2nd place
Lesana Teslenko - 3rd place
Andrey Bolotnikov -3rd place

Junior Level (7-12)
Maxim Bolotnikov - 1st place

Native Speakers  Senior Level (13 and Up)
Alik Verba - 1 st place
Rita Rutina - 2nd place
Sophia Shalashova - 3rd place

Not-Native Speakers Senior Level (13 and Up)
Brad Hawkins - 1st place
Joe Meschino - 2nd place
Paul Marr - 3rd place

Ths Winners of the Russian Poetry Recital Contest 2018!

children contestants 2018Native Speakers Division, 3-6 yrs.:
1st place: Maxim Bolotnikov, Lesana Teslenko
2nd place: Fyodor Lobastov and Vera Korableva
3rd place: Daniel, Benjamin and Jeremy Epstein

Native Speakers Division,13 yrs. and older:
1st place Igor Epshtein and Dennis Howard
2nd place: Alik Verba and Rita Rutina
3rd place: Tatiana Stepanets and Tatiana Deptola

non native winners 2018Non-Native Speakers Division, 13 yrs. and older:
1st place: Joe Meschino*
2nd place: Nazeer Sarwar
3rd: Marisa Dreibelbis





Children contestants 2017

poetry contestants 2017



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