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Russain Dance School

Vladimir Nikitin School of Russian Character Dance
Saturdays: 12pm - 1pm (children 4-6), 1pm - 2pm (7-12)
Wednesday: 6pm - 7pm (children 4-6), 7pm - 8pm (7-12 years old)
Where: New Russia Cultural Center
            1550 Broadway Rensselaer NY 12144
Fee: $200 per student, (10 sessions - 5 weeks)

For enrollment fill out the forms and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Introduction to Character Dance. The character dance accumulates in itself physical (forming a correct posture, coordination, endurance) and aesthetic development, comprehensively influences the child.


The objectives of the first year of teaching a character dance are to learn the basics dance skills, as well as the development of flexibility, muscle strength and stretch of the legs; perfection of such principles of movements as tempo, rhythm, size, direction, number of repetitions, character and muscular efforts.


Dancers learn various types of dance moves, fractions, movements, rotations, crackers used in folk dances. The dance combinations are gradually formed on the basis of the learned movements.

stretching routine

Streching routine at the begining of the class.

In the educational process, in addition to the training routine, the staging activities are also included. It is important to develop acting abilities in children, the mastering of the character and the manner of performing the movements, to convey the bright palette of the particular folk dance on the stage. At the end of 10 classes session a dance will be choreographed and staged by the class.

dance shoes

girls dance attireboys dance attireyoga mat

Appropriate [dance] attire is required. Boys: white t-shirt & black shorts. Girls: black gymnastics tank & pull-on skirt, low heel shoes.  Yoga mat for every student. 

танец 2Russian folk dancewas and still is an important part of Russian culture. Traditional Russian folk dance has its origins in various groups, including those with Slavonian and Tatar origins. Some of the first Russian folk music and dance appeared around the 10th century when the Slvaik tribes moved into Russia. As well, Russia witnessed various invasions from other countries. In turn, a cultural mix of music and dance helped develop Russian folk dances. 

танец 3

Costumes were beautifully designed with great detail. Typically, the clothing for the dances was based on specific events, such as holidays, and would vary between these events. Women wore holiday headdresses, embroidered shirts, belts, and ornamented aprons. Men wore shirts, a belt, narrow pants, and high boots. The color red was incorporated in many of the costumes because it is associated with beauty in the Russian tradition. Russian folk dance traditions continue to play an important part in the culture of Russia's many ethnic groups. 

Artistic Director (founder) VLADIMIR NIKITIN

Vladimir NikitinVladimir Nikitin, Russian character and ballet dancer, currently is involved in the New York based, world renowned group Russian folk ensemble  Barynya. Vladimir arrived to the United States of America from Kazan, Tatarstan. In 2011 he graduated from Kazan University of Culture and Art, choreography department.  Vladimir was agraduated from the Kazan State University of Culture and Arts, the Department of Choreography, 2011-2015 was a soloist in the dance ensemble "Kazan" in the city of Kazan. In 2009-2015 he was an invited soloist with Great Russian Nutcracker.  In Spring  2018 Vladimir starts the Russian Children Dance Ensemble at the New Russia Cultural Center. This new Russian folk ensemble for children and adults will present character dancing,including Russian, Cossack, Siberian,  Ukrainian, Roma Gypsy, Jewish traditional dancing. 

For questions call Tanya Deptola at 518-382-9438 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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