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Family Art

Join Family Art Challenge Project!
Are you Artful Parents?  How to keep children interested and excited about making art? 
Want to spend more time with your children?

kandinsky 300 225Enjoying creative activities is really good for us. No matter what your age, finding someway to express yourself creatively has all kinds of benefits.   One of the best ways to connect with children is to be creative with them.

Somehow making art created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed us to enjoy each others company and perhaps talk a little deeper than we usually did.

Celebrating 100 years of Avant Garde.  Artist-led, hands-on workshops incorporating a range of techniques introduce families to art making inspired by Russian Contemporary Art.   The Family Art Challenge project will be successfully completed by displaying the art works made by each family at the Exhibition Hall of the New Russia Cultural Center during month of December 2017.

Any of 4 Sundays, November 4 - December 16.
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Tuition: $40/family 
Instructor: Olga Zvezdina

To register online click here

This Art project is designed for the whole family to participate in, make choices, and decisions over layout and the final execution.  4 sessions (2 hr each) will include:
           #  history of the main AVANT GARDE movements including the names of most known Avant Garde artists from both Europe and America in the form of a Time Line display,
           # a collection of samples of their work will be displayed,
           # you will choose the style you are attracted to and progress to making sketches of your own interpretation (the first layout),
           # your family will make a group decision on how to proceed - adding lines, color blocks, objects, and you can apply any kind of personal ideas and concepts,
           # we will analyze the first layout design and discuss it, make changes, then make a second attempt,
           # together we will choose the final design, materials to include, colors, finishing, etc.
The art supplies will be provided for the first session.  Instuctor will assist you all the way from start to the final execution!

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