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Chess Classes

 Set your children up for success. Let us teach them to love chess.  

chess Teach your children chess before they start school.  If they are taught properly, and not rushed through the basics, they want to play and improve. 

Why is chess good for kids?
Chess helps teach kids critical thinking skills, to plan ahead, and to think before they act. Children learn to see patterns, solve problems and be more deliberate. Kids that play chess do better in math and reading skills. Chess is also an antidote for the current progressive buzz that discourages competition. In chess you win and you lose and you have to be competitive and you learn that having an opponent is OK. These are important skills to learn that have been removed from a lot of the traditional activities.

What age is should kids start learning chess?
Usually around 5 years old is a good time to start playing. One benchmark you can use is if they like to play board games and can follow the rules. By 7 they should definitely begin. Chess is a symbolic language and, like with any language, it's important to start young enough to gain fluency.

Why settle for merely learning chess, when you can learn it in another language? Not only does SchoolPlus instruct beginners on chess rules and standard checkmating attacks; educate more advanced players on general chess theory, and help budding masters dominate in tournament play — they can do it in Russian. (Learning a foreign language is also good for children’s cognitive skills, so learning chess in Russian must be like superfood for the brain.) 

Children of different ages study chess rules and make practice in a small group under chess instructor control.

Beginners Chess Class / 5-8 years old

chess 5Saturdays
Time: 10am - 11am
Tuition: $50 for sessions
Instructor: Tatiana Deptola

Children can be taught how to play chess younger than ever before.  Our fun inarative approach creates an interactive environment where 100% of our children are able to learn, play and fall in love with the game. Children learn the chessboard and the moves of the figures, solve problems, get acquainted with the chess rules. The class is designed to teach children to play chess who can not write (draw pencil answers) and read (the teacher and parents read their assignments).  The class is conducted on the basis of the Pre-school chess textbook of the publishing house "Russian Chess House".

Class Enrollment:
1. To register online  click here
2. Payment is requested once students have received e-mail confirmation of registration. 
3. Medical Info & Release Form.  

Intermediate Chess Class / 9 years old and older

chess 6Saturdays
Time: 11am - 12am
Tuition: $50 for 5 sessions
Instructor: Iscander Abdulaev

Chess is becoming a more and more popular program for children both in school and out of school as parents and educators see how learning chess can help children develop critical thinking skills and non-academic abilities. They will be more apt to solve life’s problems!  Students pursue chess outside of the classroom, which enhances its benefits and primes them for greater success in all facets of life.  Children do better in school when they study chess.  Studies show that chess helps children improve test scores in many subjects – math, science, reading, etc.

Students in this group are not beginners. The goal of this class is to increase students’ knowledge of chess theory, a theory of openings in particular. They learn tactical skills, pieces development from opening to middle of a game.  Work toward teaching your child the fundamentals of chess and give them the building blocks they need to master the game. 

Class Enrollment:
1. To register online click here
2. Payment is requested once students have received e-mail confirmation of registration.
3. Medical Info & Release Form.

Learning beyond the classrooms!

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