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Russian-American community center serving the Capital Region of New York State.Our goal is to introduce, celebrate and promote traditional Russian arts and culture to the community. 


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Film Festival

10th Jubilee Independent Documentary Film Festival in New York

film festival

This year RusDocFilmFest-3W celebrates its 10th anniversary. From the first one-day festival in 2008 in Tribeca Cinemas NYC, which presented several short documentaries on Russian immigration, this project has grown to become a well-known three-day annual international film festival, showing a unique collection of highly-professional independent documentaries never before shown in the US. The RusDocFilmFest-3W presents documentaries created all over the world, including those made in Russia and by the multi-ethnic Russian-speaking Diaspora, and represents a vast variety of film-schools, styles, and aesthetics.

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017
Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Where: New Russia Cultural Center
            1550 Broadway Rensselaer NY 12144
Full Admission: $25 per person, $20 (Friends Circle)


In Search of Lost Paradise
В поисках потерянного рая

Tsymbal film Director: Evgeniy Tsymbal
Producer: Alexander Smoljanski
52 min 2015 Russia
Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm
Admission: $10

This film tells the story of artists Valentina Kropivnitskaya and Oskar Rabin, people who created nonconformist art – The Second Russian Avant-garde. Their Bulldozer Exhibition was an unofficial presentation of non-conformists’ art in 1974 that was forcefully broken-up by Soviet police. Later Valentina and Oskar immigrated to France and became a part of modern French artistic circle. This film is a story about great talent and great love, about life in a totalitarian regime and about fight for artistic freedom.  Awards: NIKA for the Best Non-fiction Film (2015). In Russian with English subtitles.

Should the Clover Rustle in the Meadow...
Зашумит ли клеверное поле...


Director: Nina Zaretskaya
39 min 2012-2016 Russia-USA
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Admission: $10
Q&A with film director Nina Zaretskaya

This documentary is dedicated to one of the most influential modern-day Russian poets, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who passed away this year in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was one of the few poets politically active during the Khrushchev Thaw in the 1960s; he was the author of the poem Babiy Yar, the first public avowals regarding the Nazi massacre of the Jewish population in Kiev in 1941; he was the author of popular Russian songs and intellectual books… Shot in the Yevtushenko Museum-Gallery in Peredelkino, suburb of Moscow, to the 80th anniversary of the poet, this film takes the form of a monologue in which the poet ponders the most important questions: what is life? and what is death? 

Фильм посвящен одному из самых известных современных русских поэтов Евгению Евтушенко, который скончался в этом году в г. Талса (Оклахома), где он прожил долгие годы, преподавая в университете. Это обновленная версия фильма, снятого к 80-летию поэта в Музее-галерее Е. Евтушенко в подмосковном Переделкино.  Евгений Евтушенко обращается к своему детству и юношеству, рассказывает о «шестидесятниках», о друзьях, коллегах, политиках, семье. И, конечно же, читает свои стихи. Воспоминания-размышления поэта сопровождаются большим количеством хроникальных материалов, архивными фотографиями.  In Russian with English subtitles.


SPECIAL SCREENING (not included in the festival)

This is Andromeda

andromedaDirector: Alex Guilderland, Albany NY
22 min, Short Sci-Fi, 2016 USA 
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm
Admission: $10
Q&A with film director Alex Guildreland

An experiment with the Large Hadron Collider has unexpected consequences. It's a fictional story about the Mandela effect.  Parallel Universes theory based on principles of quantum mechanics holds that people who experience the Mandela Effect may have “slid” between parallel realities.  In English.


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