Piano Competition

12th Annual Tchaikovsky Piano Competition 2023

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2023
Time: 10am - 1pm
Where: 2400 Nott E St Niskayuna, NY 12309

tchaikovskyCongratulations to the Winners 2023!

Young & Junior Level
Karen Jia - 1st place, piano instructor Anny Yin
Anthony Padula - 2nd place, piano instructor Noel Liberty
Aarav Sriram Sudhaher - 3rd place, piano instructor Noel Liberty

Senior Level
Sean Cooney - 1st place, piano instructo Akina Yura


We are supremely grateful for the time and support our judges have so generously given to the Tchaikovsky Piano Competiton 2023 - Michael Clement, Margarita Khitov, and Hyunje Baek.

The Piano Division Winners 2020

Young Level
Cindy Hu - 1st place, piano instructor Anny Yin
ZiWei Daniel Liu - 1st place, piano instructor Kirstie Chen

Junior Level
Danae Evans - 2nd place, piano instructor Valentina Shatalova
Weizheng Wang - 2nd place, piano instructor Noel Liberty

Senior Level
Yvyann Shen - 1st place, piano instructor Michael Thomopoulos
Johanna Saint-Vil - 2nd place, piano instructor Noel Liberty
Bradley Rao - 3rd place, piano insructor Joseph Fennimore


The Piano Division Winners 2019

Young Level
Jiaxi Gao - 1st place
Alexa Tan - 2nd place
Brendan Yan - 3rd place
Junior Level
Justin Mo - 1st place
Danae Evans - 1st place
Samantha Baker - 2nd place
Nathan Yan - Good Sportsmanship Award 
Senior Level
Michael Lowry - 1place
Joyce Fang - 1 place
Gregory Marcinik - 2 place
Thomas Cuvillier - 2place
Andres Shusterman - 3place

The Piano Division Winners 2018

Young Age Level (6 - 10)
David Fu - 1st place
Lerchen Zhong - 2nd place
Julia Zhu - 3rd place
Junior Age Level (11- 13)
William Lauricella - 1st place
Lidia Krylova - 2nd place
Michael Lowry -2nd place
Yochen Zhong;-3rd place
Senior Age Level (14 - 18)
Bryan Guo - 1st place
Nikolas Watson - 1st place
Benjamin Yao - 2nd place
Hong ju Qu - 3rd place




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