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Our Songs

Songs of our Century Concert - Russian Authors' Songs

Date: Sunday, September 9, 2018
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: New Russia Cultural Center
            1550 Broadway Rensselaer NY 12144
Admission: $35 per person (advance online), $30 (Friends Circle), $45 at the door.
To reserve first few rows buy tickets in advance online:  

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our songsIn 2018, the legendary choral bards' project "Songs of Our Age" turns 20 years old.  The project "Songs of our Century" was born in 1998 as a non-profit enterprise. Its goal is to popularize the author's songs of the 60-70s, which have become truly popular among people of Russia and the Russian-speaking communities in many different countries. "Songs of our Century" - author's songs, which became a national property.  The word "century" in the title of the Project has two meanings. On the one hand, these songs belong to the 20th century. They are part of culture, part of the new history of Russia. On the other hand, there is the concept of the "human age". These songs arose and became popular in our time. They grew out of our lives and grew into it. In the second half of the twentieth century a new kind of folklore arose. Thanks to Yuri Vizbor, Bulat Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Gorodnitsky and many other bards, the people had simple spiritual songs that spread themselves bypassing the stage and the media.

It happened because they could be sung by the listeners themselves, and not alone. And together, in chorus. These songs are still heard in numerous companies today in very different situations. They do not grow old and do not get bored. They passed the test of time and became popular. Realizing all this, the project participants - the authors-performers, included in the top ten most famous names in this genre - came together and decided to sing in a breeze bard songs that have already turned into folklore.

The most difficult was the first step - the choice of songs.
The selection criteria are approximately the following:
- the song was supposed to have a record of popularity (that is, singing in companies in chorus) at least 15-20,
- had to have a universal human timeless content,
- should be likeable to sing along and not complicated, melodic and not bothering with repeated listening,
- the songs hould be remained bardic in spirit.

The success of the project exceeded all expectations. Despite the financial crisis of 1997 in Russia, compact discs and audio cassettes with records of "Songs of our Century" sold a record number of copies.  Songs from the first album for several months sounded in the kiosks of underground passages and music shops, were heard from the windows of houses and cars, and had unprecedented success, occupying the top line of the musical charts.

Concerts that took place in the best halls of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Riga and Tallinn, New York and Chicago, Washington and Boston, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as many other cities in the world and Russia, were invariably accompanied by a sold-out. Russian television reported an unprecedented rating of the television version of the concert "Songs of Our Century" in the State concert hall "Russia", and the radio station "Svoboda" called "The Songs of Our Century" the best musical project of recent years.
Among the authors whose songs sound in the project are such famous composers and poets as B. Okudzhava, Y. Vizbor, A. Gorodnitsky, Y. Kim, V.Vysotsky, S.Nikitin, V.Berkovsky, Yu.Kukin, A.Yakusheva , N. Matveeva, A. Galich, A. Dulov and many others.
During its existence, 9 albums of the project "Songs of our Century" were released, more than 1000 concerts were performed in Russia and abroad. The demand for these songs has not ceased for 20 years.  Many albums of the Project "Songs of our Century" are appeared due to the insistent requirements of listeners.  The artistic management of the project was originally assumed by the recognized coryphaeus of the author's song Sergei Nikitin and Viktor Berkovsky. The collective during the existence of "Songs of our Century" included the most famous authors and performers. Among those who in different years was a participant of the Project besides Viktor Berkovsky and Sergei Nikitin are the author's duet of Alexei Ivashchenko and Georgy Vasilyev, Oleg Mityaev, Leonid Sergeev, Elena Frolova, Lidia Cheboksarova and others.

In the autumn tour of 2018 in America, the artists who have been participants of the project from its very founding will take the stage and have been engaged in the popularization of the new Russian folklore for 20 years. It:
• famous author and performer, choirmaster of the collective Dmitry Bogdanov,
• musical director of the project Vadim Mishchuk,
• his brother Valery Mishchuk (and together they are one of the most famous author duets),
• author and arranger, TV presenter Konstantin Tarasov,
• the famous singer Galina Homchik.

Choral bardic project "Songs of our Century" for 20 years performs bardic hits of 60-70 years, which have become truly popular.  Every spectator who has come to our concert becomes his immediate participant!  You know these songs of Vizbor, Okudzhava, Vysotsky, Kukin, Nikitin, Matveeva, Gorodnitsky and other classics! Come and sing along with us!




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