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Page Meets Stage

Presentation of Books written by Evgeny Bukhin and Sam Lam

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018
Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: New Russia Cultural Center
            1550 Broadway Rensselaer NY 12144
Admission: $10 per person, $5 (Friends's Circle)

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BukhinBoston poet and prose writer Evgeny Bukhin.  Eugene Bukhin is a member of the Russian Writer Club (New York).  Since 2000 he has published poetry, essay and fiction in Russian, Ukrainian and American magazines (now more than 50 publications). In particular, in Russia “Novy Mir”, “Znamya”, “Neva”, “Sever”, etc. His books “Stories of the Boston Cab Driver”  (novels and short stories, 2012) and “Surrealism with human face” (Poetry and Essay, 2013) were published in St. Petersburg (Russia) by Aletheia press and now “The Train Arrives in Boston” (novels and short stories, 2017) by Solzhenitsyn Publishing House “Russian Way”, Moscow (Russia).  Eugene’s books were displayed for sale by publishers at several Moscow international Book Fairs.

Presentation of books:
Bukhin Обложка"Surrealism with a Human Face" from the "Aletheia" (St. Petersburg)


"The Train Arrives in Boston" from the "Russian Way" of Solzhenitsyn's House (Moscow)


Q & A session for those in attendance and the Booksigning will follow the presentation.

Featured Guest: Oleg Boguslavsky
OLeg BoguslavskyOleg Boguslavsky is a song writer and performer. He was born in 1967 in Moscow, graduated in 2009 from the Gnesin School in oboe class. In 2001, Oleg recorded CD with his songs under the name "To my Friends", in the same year he immigrated to the USA with his family, where he continued composing songs. Here you can partially get acquainted with the work of Oleg Boguslavsky: https://boguslavskiy.com/ 




Sam Lam, Albany NY
Семён Лам 2Sam Lam was born only four years after the World War II, in the distant 1949, in the city of Minsk.  In 1967 he enrolled in the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. After the first semester he was enroleed in the Theater of Miniatures at the institute.  In 1969-72, several plays were invented in the theater, and he had a chance to participate in all of them, to perform in various cities of the Soviet Union. In 1969 Sam joined the KVN team. As a member of the KVN BIP team, he took an active part in four tele-games and was the winner of the USSR Championship (Cup of Hope) 1970-1971.  In February 1982 for the monologue "Aunt Marina - Diplomat" Sam won 1st Prize of All-Union Competition of the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Writers of the USSR for the best literary work for the stage. In 1985-1989, he created a variety of programs: in particular, "Be a Man" and "Melodies and Parodies". In May 1988, at the tenth All-Union Seminar of Variety Playwrights, the monologue "The Brake of Perestroika", written by him together with the Kiev writer Arkady Raichuk, received the 1st prize at the Contest for the best satirical monologue on a contemporary theme. In 1990 together with his family Sam moved to his permanent residence in the USA, where he still lives, in Albany. Since 1998, he has been published in the American Russian-language press, in such print media as the newspapers Kaskad, Forward, Our Community. Read his creative biography in Russian here.

Фото Книг Семёна ЛамаPresentation of book "On both Sides of the Ocean"

Read preface in Russian here

This book has two completely different parts.  The first part of the book was created in 1975-1990 on boundless expanses of the mighty and inviolable Soviet Union, and  more precisely, in the city of Minsk and the second part was written already on the other side of the earth, in America.

Q & A session for those in attendance and the Booksigning will follow the presentation.





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