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Love and Doves

Theatrical Performance based on the legendary Russian film "Love and Doves" 

Congratulations to the cast and artistic Director Yuri Naumkin of the Drama Studio “On the Cubes” at the New Russia Cultural Center on their successful performance at the International Russian Theaters Festival “Na Bis” 2019.

The theater “On the Cubes” is awarded for the play “Love and Pigeons”, performed on April 14 in Toronto, Canada. Artistic Director Yuri Naumkin awarded for the director's courage and professionalism in preservation of theatrical art and Russian language in immigration.

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Theatrical romantic comedy based on the Russian legendary movie "Love and Doves". Shown a life in the remote Siberian village. Vasia, who never leave his family, village, comes to pass summer holiday on the Black Sea. There he meets femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna, and once under the charm of urban women, decides to move to live with her. Unfortunately, a new life is not all that sweet as dreamed hapless Vasily.

Artistic Director: Yuri Naumkin


Love and doves Toronto 2019
Vasia - Yuri Naumkin
Nadia - Irina Shteynvurtsel
Raisa - Tatiana Deptola
Shura - Mila Gans
Mitya - Roman Rutin
Lyuda - Tatiana Stepanets
Polya - Rita Rutina
Olga - Daniella Bortniytski

Sound: Alik Gans
Set Design: Yuri Naumkin, Tatiana Stepanets

The play "Love and Doves" had been shown at the International Festival of Russian Speaking Theatres “Encore!” in Toronto, Canada on April 14 2019.

The Russian-speaking theater group "On the Cubes" (Rensselaer NY) will represent the United States at the International Amateur Theater Festival “Encore!” 2019 in Toronto, Canada, with the theatrical play "Love and Doves" based on the legendary Russian film of the same name.

The aim of the Festival “Encore!” designed to support and promote the creative Russian-speaking theater groups and raising the professional level of Russian-speaking theaters in North America.

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