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Braided Hairdo Contest

3rd Annual Best Braided Hairdo Contest             Russian braid - girl's pride and glory!

It remains a symbol of femenine grace, beauty and style that defies the whims of fickle fashion. Read here history of  Russian braid.   The Orlo School of Hair Design of Albany NY is  a sponsor of the Best Braided Hairdo Contest 2015.  

Congratulations to the Winners 2015!

Veronica Ray (model), Monica Ray (stylist) - 1st place 

Stephanie Vanato (model), angela Caputo (stylist) - 2nd place 

Alisa Kasparov (model), Snow Savio (stylist) - 3rd place

Best Braided Hairdo Contest 2014

Veronica Ray (model), Monica Ray (stylist) - 1st place 

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