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Russian School

Russian language program for children and adults.

children classesClasses for preschool-age children

We offer a nurturing monolingual environment where children develop Russian language fluency and emergent literacy skills. We work with each child, paying attention to their emotional and cognitive development while respecting their individual needs. We offer small class sizes and high teacher to student ratio. We work with reflective and dedicated teachers who are committed to ongoing training and professional development.

speak russianClasses for school-age children

Our program exposes children to classical and contemporary Russian literature. Children study masterpieces of Russian literature, learn about the lives of the authors and historical context of their works. Children discuss and analyze texts, understand central characters, plot, and overarching themes. They are asked to think critically and respond to texts in oral, written, and dramatic form to deepen their comprehension. Children study Russian language and grammar to help them gain a stronger command of Russian written language.

russian adults 2Clasess for adults

Basic Russian is for people who have never studied Russian language or had a few years of Russian many years ago and need a review. Basic Russian includes Russian alphabet, grammar lessons, vocabulary lessons and listening activities.

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