August 1, 2016


(Albany, N.Y.) The Russian Fashion Show “Passion Runway” will be Sep. 10th 2016 starting at 5pm at The Venue, Cohoes, NY.

The "Passion Runway" is an event showcasing couture and luxury fashion with Russian flair.  The festivities presented runway fashion show of three Russian designers and an eclectic array of live entertainment along with a cocktail reception, pop-up shoping boutique and after-party. The event is  showcasing the fashionable aspects of Russian tradition for an audience that otherwise would not have access to that side of Russian culture.


Washington, DC-based, Moscow-born fashion designer Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar presented her work from three consecutive years at New York’s Couture Fashion Week, from three collections: Fifty Shades of Red; Renaissance Drama; and Russian Wedding. The work encapsulated a range of Russian folk and imperial styles, combining peasant floral prints with corseted taffeta gowns and elaborately beaded headdresses (kokoshniki).



Olga Papkovitch, (New York, NY), CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal, in 2008 started an incredible clothing and accessory collection called PopImpressKA. She put her copyrighted original art pieces on silk in a form of a quilt and combines them with variety of silks and other materials that gives her collection elegant, classic and trendy look.

Albina Mihaylina (Tula, Russia), a prominent designer in her native country, established her fashion house in Tula, Russia in 1993 and has since become recognized for her exquisite bridal and evening gowns. The designer made her USA debut in Albany in 2000.


FEBRUARY 2, 2016


(Albany, N.Y.) The 8th Annual Russian Winter Festival starts off with a fine art exhibition ”Remembrance of Russia”, Olga Aleksandrova, Glen Falls.  Progressive local artist will showcase her art works during a month-long Russian Winter Festival in February 2016 at the Upstate Artists Guild Gallery, Albany NY.  15 oil paintings of the current show are recollections from artist’s childhood and young adult life in Russia.

Olga Aleksandrova was born and raised in Russia, where she studied decorative art in the Saratov School of Art (1987-1991), architecture in the Russian Academy of Fine arts (1993-1995), and sculpture in the Russian Academy of arts (1996-2000).  In 2001 she moved to the Unites States where her artistic career developed further.  She has produced numerous sculptures, murals, paintings, and other works of art.  Her art works received much recognition and are scattered around the nation. 

Opening reception will be held on Friday, February 5th, 6pm – 9pm in the Upstate Artists Guild Gallery, 247 Lark Street, Albany, NY. The exhibition will relocate to the Polish Community Center of Albany on Saturday, February 27 to be a part of the Grand Finale of the Russian Winter Festival.

The Russian Winter Festival was established in 2009 by the New Russia Cultural Center, a non-profit organization. The major purpose of the Russian Winter Festival is to celebrate, introduce and promote traditional Russian art and culture to the community.

FEBRUARY 1, 2016


(Albany, N.Y.) The Rachmaninoff Music Competition will be Feb. 6 10:30am (piano), 1:00pm (violin) and 2:00pm (vocal) at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY.

The music competition is a part of the Russian Winter Festival, which features a series of Russian-themed events culminating with the actual festival on Saturday, February 27 at the Polish Community Center in Albany New York. The Russian Winter Festival is an event of the Capital District area’s New Russia Cultural Center.

The music competition is open for contestants ages 6 through 21 and consists of three divisions: piano, vocal and violin. Each division has three age levels: children, teens and adults.  Piano and violin contestants will perform one piece of music written by a Russian composer of their choice and judged by a panel of three musicians.  The vocal contestants will sing one song composed by a Russian composer, including classical Russian Arias, Russian art songs, and Russian folk songs in classical arrangements.

The winners of all three divisions will perform Sunday, February 7 at 1:30pm at the All Winners Concert at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY.  Both music competitions and the winners concert are free and open to the public.

December 21, 2015


Albany, N.Y.—The New Russia Cultural Center will be holding its New Year’s Yolka celebration for children Saturday, January 2nd 2016, from 11 am to 1 pm at the Albany Elks Lodge, Albany, NY.

It’s our 4th Annual Yolka event that highlights Russian traditions. The event starts with a theatrical show "The New Year Tricks of Baba Yaga" directed by the artistic director Yuri Naumkin and performed by the Drama Club of the New Russia Cultural Center. A written narrative of the play for the audience to follow the story is provided in the program of the show.

After the magic curtain closes, children will sing songs and dance around the Yolka (Christmas tree).  This dance is called Chorovod. The event is a very popular cultural event and a living contact with Russian heritage. Children will receive gifts from Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost).  It's a great way to ring in the New Year!

The New Russia Cultural Center is a non-profit organization. The major purpose of the center is to celebrate, introduce and promote traditional Russian art and culture to the community. 

Albany Elks Lodge is located at 25 South Allen St, Albany, New York. Admission is $10 for adults and children.

October 16, 2015


The 2015 Heritage Awards will recognize individuals for their professional and personal contributions to the Russian-speaking community of the Capital Region of New York State.

The event will be hosted by the New Russia Cultural Center on Saturday, November 21 2015, at the Wolferts Roost Country Club, 120 Van Rensselaer Blvd, Albany, NY.

Nominations for the awards will be presented to individuals who excel in the following four areas: Arts & Humanities, Business, Education, and Health & Human Services. The 2015 honorees will be announced in Times Union, The Record and The Daily Gazette on Sunday, November 22.

The gala evening begins with a cocktail reception at 5 p.m., followed by a gourmet meal, the recognition program and post-event celebration.

The Awards will be covered by the national and international media and will have broadcasted on local network television.


April 30, 2015



Schenectady, NY, May 7, 2015 – Union College’s Russian and Eastern European Culture Club will join with Albany’s New Russia Cultural Center and Russian-American Cultural Exchange Association-Sputnik to host a commemoration of Victory Day on Thursday, May 7 from 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. The celebration of history and culture will take place in Old Chapel, located on the Union College campus.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, which commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied Forces on May 9, 1945. It is a national holiday in some 20 European nations. 

Veterans of the Soviet Union’s armed forces who fought against the Nazis in World War II will be honored with anniversary medals at the bilingual campus event, which is free and open to the public. A banquet will feature Eastern European cuisine.

Stephen Berk, the Henry and Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust and Jewish Studies, and an expert in Russian and Eastern European Studies, is the keynote speaker. He will give a lecture about the last days of World War II.

Local acting players of the New Russia Cultural Center will perform a musical/theatrical show directed by their renowned Russian director Yuri Naumkin.

The veterans’ families and other Russian-American and Ukrainian-American community members living in the Capital Region will be in attendance.

Union College is located at 807 Union Street, Schenectady, NY.