Russian Drama Club 

The purpose of the Russian Drama Club is to educate and foster an appreciation for the theater arts among the Russian-speaking community in the Capital Region of New York State. Preserve, enrich and celebrate the use of the Russian language as a vehicle of cultural communication and understanding.  We provide a supportive environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level, ability or background. 

In 2016 the New Russia Cultural Center had received a Community Arts Grant for the theatrical project where Yuri Naumkin was an artistic director.

Artistic Director: Yuri Naumkin, a native of Moscow, graduated from the Lunacharsky State University of Theater Arts (GITIS).  For six years at the Moscow Lenkom Theater he performed leading roles in the productions including “The Rise and Fall of Joaquin Murrieta”“The Thief “and “Juno and Avos”“Juno and Avos”ran at the New York City Center Theater for five weeks during the winter of 1989-1990 tour.

Russian Theater Season 2016 starts in Fall 2016 in Schenectady on Saturday, November 12th 2016 (First Reformed Church, 8 N. Church St, Schenectady, NY) with a premiere of the bilingual theatrical show. "Love and  Doves" by Vladimir Gurkin - dramatic act adapted by artistic director Yuri Naumkin.

Shown a life in the remote Siberian village. Vasia, who never leave his family, village, comes to pass summer holiday on the Black Sea. There he meets femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna, and once under the charm of urban woman, decides to move to live with her. Unfortunately, a new life is not all that sweet as dreamed hapless Vasily.

Bilingual Play.  The play will be performed in Russian and in English to be enjoyed by public in either langage. In the play there are special English speaking characters, whose acting tasks are to disclose the background of the main story characters, illuminate them, sometimes prophesies events or character motives yet to occur in the play clear up the plot or maybe make extraneous diversions from the plot. To make extremely rich interlocking structure with “play-within-play” concept, the Russian characters in the play might even interact with their English counterparts.

Russian Drama Studio at the New Russia Cultural Center was established in 2013 with theatrical performances for children for “Morozko” and “Microscope” for adult audiences. Yuri Naumkin became an artistic director of the Russian Drama Studio in 2014.  His artistic direction and artistic talent brought production success to two other plays.  One of them,“Tale of Tsar Saltan”, is a one-act play based on the poem by Alexander Pushkin, and performed for a children’s audience in December 2014 at the Mohawk Golf Club, Schenectady, NY. Second, was a musical/theatrical performance, “Victory Day”, devoted to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of World War II, and performed in May 2015 at Union College, Schenectady, NY.  A children play "New Year's Tricks of Baba Yaga" was directed by Yuri Naumkin and shown during Yolka Celebration on January 2 2016 at Albany Elks Lodge, Albany, NY. All plays had local media coverage with photos in the Times UnionDaily Gazette, and other local newspapers. Yuri Naumkin took the performances of the Russian Drama Studio to a new artistic level and, owing to his high professionalism and artistic talent, he was chosen to be the artistic director and principal actor in the awarded theatrical project 2016.

"New Year's Tricks of Baba Yaga".  Adapted and directed by Yuri Naumkin. 

January 2 2016 Location: Albany Elks Lodge, Albany, NY.

baba yaga Tanya Deptola fair tale Rita Rutina winter Syryker
ded moroz Yuri Naumkin hare Semeyon Buyantuev kikimora Irina Wheeler
snegurochka Daria Buyantueva bear Roman Rutin autum Mila Gans
Baba Yaga/Fair Tale baba Yaga/hare
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 "New Year's Tricks of Baba Yaga" video on youtube:


"The Tale of Tsar Saltan" by Alexander Pushkin.  Adapted and directed by Yuri Naumkin. 

December 27 2014 Location: Mohawk Golf Club, Niskayuna, NY.
January 4 2015 Location: Mid-Hudson Russian Association, Poughkeepsie, NY.

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 "Tsar Saltan" video on youtube:


"The Frosty" (Morozko)

January 11, February 2 and March 8 2014. Play Morozko

A theatrical show "Frosty" (Morozko) based on the famous Russian folk tale. The show is played in Russian language. The first was shown during the Russian New Year’s Yolka celebration for children. The last show had been at the Grand Finale of the Russian winter Festival on March 8 2014.

Translation of the characters dialogues is provided by subtitling in English outside the stage area on LED marquee display for the audience to follow the story line. 

"Microscope" by V. Shukshin

May 31 2014 

The “Microscope” by V. Shukshin reflects the Siberian origins of his artistic identity. The story is set in a remote Siberian village caught in transition between rural traditions and modern Soviet life.
The main character, eccentric and oddball, is restless freedom seeker whose dreams and shortcomings are as broad and inexplicable as the Siberian landscape. He struggle with questions of life and death, custom and progress. From the gap between his dreams and reality Shukshin's biting humor arises.